Terms and conditions of use

Terms of sale

 The works of art created by Elisa Lo Presti are all available for sale.

 The purchased painting is accompanied by a COA (certificate of authenticity) which guarantees the authenticity and actual ownership of the material work of the person who purchased it.

 The owner as such can sell or give the object in question to outside parties only for private use.

The intellectual property and the right of replication remain in possession of the author who may at any time decide to replicate it or to produce material with it like fine art prints, accessories or give licenses for the production of handicraft or industrial items.

 To obtain the reproduction license, the buyer must request authorization from the Artist who, through the price list referring to the licenses and royalties, defines her remuneration.

This negotiation will be discussed and endorsed by e-mail and an official contract in a private manner between the two parties.

In the case of exhibitions, the Artist can ask the owner to be able to exhibit the painting during the event, in which case the owner can refuse, bearing in mind that the work could acquire value from the event. 

The charges related to the mobilization of the works and the insurance will be borne by the Artist.

Production times

 The works created by the Artist, if available in the catalog, require a preparation time for delivery ranging from 3 to 7 days.

 Oil works may take 0 to 6 months to deliver due to painting time.

 As for the commissioned works, the timing varies according to the subject, the technique and the support.  The Artist will discuss each case directly by e-mail to define all the terms of the quote.


 The works can be purchased directly on the site through e-commerce, or in Turin via Crevacuore 15b by appointment and deposit or at the fair.

 For amounts exceeding € 400,00 the Artist grants the possibility of deferred payment.  In this case, the installment plan, down payments and balance will be discussed privately via official email.

The painting is sold / sent at the end of the payment.

 If the customer misses an installment, he is given the opportunity to pay it by the expiry of the next one only once.

 If the delays are repeated, the Artist can avail herself of the right to withhold the part paid as compensation for damages and the painting is made available again.

 Remember that the installment plan is an agreement on mutual trust and no type of surcharge or interest is applied.


 The paintings are shipped by express courier and the shipping costs are calculated in each individual case and include: shipping, insurance (optional) and packaging costs which in the case of fragile or large paintings may include the creation of a plywood case.

Ordinary maintenance conditions

 The paintings should be displayed away from sources of heat, away from excessive direct natural or artificial lighting, away from humidity coming from domestic walls or other sources of humidity.

 To ensure good conservation, it is advisable to move the object as little as possible as most of the time these are works made with ancient or recycled materials and therefore fragile.

  The Artist recommends housing them in the best possible way immediately.

 As for ordinary cleaning, the Artist recommends the simple periodic removal of dust with an anti-dust duvet and NEVER USE any type of detergent or solvent.  If the dust is removed periodically, the frame will also retain its original properties.

 Works on paper and parchment should only be displayed on surfaces and environments where you are sure of the hygroscopic quality of the air.  The paper works provided with the original frame will have the appropriate insulating backrest inside.

 For some paintings, the Artist may require years later to be able to check the painting or the state of conservation to monitor the life of his works.  In this case it will be enough to share some good photographic material.