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Sleep Well

Sleep Well RRH035-2020

A rainy Sunday afternoon, autumn by now begun … I was very sleepy, and to overcome it I painted a sleeping woman.

The room is illuminated by the inevitable lunar presence that reveals hidden presences in the shadows.

Sleep Well RRH035-2020
Sleep Well RRH035-2020

Who are those presences?

Are they malicious or benevolent?

The spectator decides and interprets the scene and is personally called to unravel the mystery of the painting.

 I recovered an old canvas as I often do, painted with materic acrylic; it was an abstract.

In these cases, I use the old painting as a preparation.

Sleep Well RRH035-2020
Sleep Well RRH035-2020

The frame, recovered too, was gilded and contained a gilded oval in its turn with the image of a Madonna.

I cleaned the frame, applied the silver leaf, and then, not satisfied, I preferred to apply a patina with the color first black and then red to resume the dark tones of the painting.

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