Morrigan’s Ink

Unconventional Art &Tattoo Studio

Morrigan’s studio mainly deals with tattoo art and is the physical showcase of Red Right Hand Workshop in Turin

Elisa opened Morrigan in 2018 because she felt the need to start building what was the Workshop or a place to collaborate, discuss and grow on a creative level.

The Morrigan – Celtic goddess with raven wings – inspired Elisa in her pictorial production, in the first year of official activity the obsession with the Goddess led the painter’s brushes to produce a cycle of 14 works now scattered here and there around Italy and Europe and she naturally decided to dedicate a place to live to her Muse and dedicated her study.

The red energy of the Morrigan Goddess pervades the essence of the Studio: tattoo artist, musicians, painters, sculptors, writers …

At Morrigan we create custom-made tattoos for the client, Artwork for the Bands, illustrations for books …

At Morrigan we talk of Art and tattoos are drawn by hand.

Morrigan’s Ink is a growing project because it is as dynamic as the people who are part of it and it all coincides exactly with Elisa’s Vision.

Morrigan’s Ink ambitiously wants to unite the creative worlds and that is why it is constantly developing; the team currently consists of Elisa RRH who works on a style of hers that takes inspiration from the dark atmospheres of her paintings but also from the love for ancient art;

Bee.Ink aka Deborah Catanese sweet and delicate artist ravenous of human skin, she too comes from titanic artistic studies, she has elaborated a style of her made of elements of nature and lots of color and she too paints and creates her worlds populated with flowers and colorful animals.

Marco Manikomio Tattoo Art is our helmsman, he comes from the old school and faces every tattoo as if it were a sacred rite, he manages to transmit a lot of energy in what he does, he always puts a piece of his soul into it to create something special for each  his client.

Mr Psyink is the youngest of us all, his works are black and minimal, delicate and fierce devouring of skin, his eyes express a visceral passion for what he does.

Piercing is also serious at Morrigan!

We wanted an exceptional professional with us to give our customers an excellent service: Piercer Stefano Ferrante receives by appointment in the studio and works with the best certified jewels available; in addition to his incredible sympathy, Stefano is above all someone who loves what he does and devotes himself to each client with devotion, giving him an “emotional experience”.

The team is close-knit and in harmony and for Elisa this is a fundamental ingredient to offer customers, who then become friends, a relaxed and creative environment.  If you are curious and want to meet the Morrigan guys, come to the studio, you are welcome.

You can also find Morrigan’s Ink on social media

Morrigan’s Ink – Unconventional Art &Tattoo Studio – Via Crevacuore 15 b Torino