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Il filo rosso del destino

Il filo rosso del destino RRH037-2020

The production of RRH sometimes passes through the artistic commission and I think it is fair to address this topic in a serious and in-depth way.

When I am contacted to discuss a commission, usually via the web or social networks, I often don’t know the other person, I don’t know anything about him/her; then they often ask me to paint something to give as a gift, as in the case of this painting, and clearly it becomes complicated, as I have to put in something more than usual.

So, empathy comes into play.

Il filo rosso del destino RRH037-2020
Il filo rosso del destino RRH037-2020

The client asks me for a subject or a theme and, to develop it, I need to enter the mind of this person to create an atmosphere.

So, we start talking about art, music, experiences, we talk about many things and, if we get in tune and I start to create a shared imagination, I decide whether I will be able to meet their expectations or not, because I like to put in the paintings stories and my emotions and the ones whose those who requested the work.

It is not easy and occasionally I decide that I am not the right person to do that: I think sometimes it is a great form of respect even to refuse and address them to those who, in my opinion, could satisfy the request in a better way.

In the case of this painting, we immediately got in tune.

Il filo rosso del destino RRH037-2020
Il filo rosso del destino RRH037-2020

I will not obviously tell you the story behind it, out of respect for the client and the third person to whom it was eventually given: it is a story of personal emotions and I will keep his creative conception for me; but while he was talking and telling his story, my mind created a series of images and sensations that led me to create this subject.

This is my way of working with commissioned works: inside them you can find me, but also “other”, and I think it’s wonderful to create mental synchrony with people I often don’t know.

Elisa RRH

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