Elisa Lo Presti

Elisa Lo Presti

Elisa Lo Presti, Red Right Hand Workshop


Macabre and Creepy Original Artwork , Original handmade painting.

Red Right Hand Workshop is the world where light and shadow, dialogue and dance intertwine with each other to the rhythm of the music I love.

My works are a cocktail of sensations created by chance: the music I listen to when I take the brush in my hand generates the rhythm and frequency of the brushstroke and a black background merge to create a story by themselves; indeed a snapshot taken in the middle of a story.

I paint without thinking and without drawing, I let the unconscious free to wander and thus characters or situations arise that are revealed to me only when I have finished the painting session.

After 15 years of work in the field of restoration of works of art, something happened one day and all of a sudden a visionary and creative river overwhelmed me and I could not help but support it.

From passion in a short time, painting has become my life.

I loved the restoration.

I loved working in places where you can breathe history, touch materials that people normally cannot touch, see unique perspectives from the top of a scaffold, listen to the words that ancient stones whisper as they tell the story of the passage of time …  the thing I loved most was studying the plasters and pigments of the frescoes to discover the secrets of those who had made them.

It was right at some point to turn the page.

And I did it.  But I have not forgotten that past and my love for restoration, in fact my works are almost always made with recovered materials: canvases, tables and frames arrive in my chaotic laboratory, they stop stacked waiting for their moment of rebirth and I – Dr.  Frankenstein of paintings like Stefano Gelao of Scritto a Mano likes to define myself – I enjoy dismantling and reassembling those forgotten objects, objects that have or had a value and that for some reason no one wanted anymore.

Music, as I said, has a fundamental role in all this.

As a child I was an atypical child, my ideal prince charming at 6 was Bowie in the role of the Goblin King Jareth, at carnival I dressed up as Winslow Leach my much loved Stage Ghost with the costume sewn by my grandmother while my companions  of school were Snow White and Smurfette.

I knew by heart Tito Schipa Jr.’s Orfeo 9, Tommy from the Who, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Unreachable Rocky Horror Picture Show thanks to my young parents who always took me to the theater with them.  My mother paved the way for me in horror cinema when I was still in kindergarten …. could it have been a good thing?  I played guitar and dreamed of being Queen’s manager and at 12 I put together the first 12 year old rock band and left the guitar for the bass.  At about that age I jumped from Litfiba to Trash Metal until at the beginning of art school I got my real musical crush with Nick Cave, a damned love that dragged me into post punk and folk noir.

My musical culture has grown since then, my tastes are vast and I love hopping through sometimes contrasting and unusual musical genres.  I firmly believe that each of us has a kind of inner harp that vibrates when a certain melody, a certain rhythm is heard and when my harp plays in perfect harmony, I paint, no matter what but I paint.

IN 2015/16 I started painting ravens, ravens, ravens.  I was obsessed with the ravens and with the Goddess Morrigan, a truly fascinating Celtic mythological figure who in those years gave me a powerful shock, caused an earthquake I dare say inside my head and from that moment I felt a need to create in “brain off mode”.

At a certain point I did not sleep there at night, I closed my eyes and saw trees, red roots like veins, trunks like twisted muscle bundles, growing, rolling up to human figures or figures that rose like trees with red and black trunks, apocalyptic scenarios and  splashes of color.  Music once again came to my rescue.

A band that I knew but had never seriously listened to, all of a sudden it sounded in perfect harmony with my soul and I found peace.

Since that moment, New Model Army have moved my brushes but not only, since then I have started traveling to see them live. 

In the meantime, I have also started traveling with paintings because I understood that the right way was to present them to a world who would understand them was to attend festivals and fairs with the right music and atmosphere. 

They love to collect kilometers just like me.

For 5 years RED RIGHT HAND WORKSHOP has participated with its Art Stand in Italian and European events among the most important in the Gothic, Pagan, Fantasy and Esoteric genres.

When I am at the fair, there is music, there is euphoria, there is the right audience and I like to think that paintings get intoxicated with life and stories.

That’s the magic moment for me, when my paintings play for me.

The name Red Right Hand Workshop obviously evokes Nick Cave, my first musical love, perhaps the first muse.

It was an American boy who told me “I see your paintings and I hear Red Right Hand playing” in my head.

He told me this just as I was making an ink gargoyle on paper, a life-size copy of a statue that I was making for a promoted pictorial exhibition  from the CAUS  of Turin: ARCIDIAVOLI AND SATANASSI.

We would then exhibit at Halloween 2016 at the headquarters of the Circolo degli Artisti in Turin with a group exhibition.

Listen carefully: I painted through the gargoyles soul, the American spoke of Red Right Hand, I sent the gargoyle to my at the time new friend calligrapher Stefano Gelao who without knowing anything about me and my musical tastes wrote this piece extrapolated from Paradise  Lost by Milton:

When the work returned to my possession and I saw the quote, I thought it was destiny.

I dedicated my business to that passage from Milton’s poem.

Elisa Lo Presti
Elisa Lo Presti

5 years have passed and I continue to collaborate with the Scriptorium Amanuense.

We often create unpublished works, sometimes I accept commissions.

 This is the story of me and of Red Right Hand workshop … I leave the rest to tell my paintings

Elisa RHH