Sleep Well


Sleep Well
 Half oil on old canvas with a reworked silver, red and black frame
 My new painting was born on a soporific Sunday in August.  I had a bestial sleep but I had decided to paint a little.  And I painted one sleeping 😂.
 The technique is a half oil, I call it that but I don’t know if it is the right definition, that is, I started with acrylic and then I finished it with oil because the canvas had an enormous rough material layer and it did not allow me much  detail.  With the oil I gave it depth to the dark tones, for now it is obviously not painted yet but it will take less than a beautiful oil painting.
 The frame was all gilded.  Initially I re-silvered and burnished it a bit but it didn’t convince me, so I put some red in it to capture the details of the Red eyes in the dark.  The idea of ​​red framed came to me thanks to Chiara who asked me for a red frame for the painting “Birth of a Witch”.  In that case and soon I’ll show you the result, the red was not there because the painting was completely black and white.  Here instead it stands out and warms up.  I will wax this frame and not paint.  We’ll see .
 P.s.  as always, he reminded you that it is not painted yet and the oil has all its reflection problems that I find it hard to eliminate