Isola dei Morti (Die Toteninsel)

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I’ve always wanted to see Boocklin’s “Isle of the Dead” live.  One of the versions he painted at least … he was obviously obsessed with that subject.  I think it’s one of my favorite paintings ever.
 At first my project was different, the tribute to the painter had to be part of another subject, staying there in the background as a scenographic backdrop for something else but while I was painting, the island overwhelmingly took over all the available space  and from there I realized that SHE wanted to be the protagonist.
 My Island of the Dead is a tribute to the original subject reinterpreted in an RRH key, large dimensions and small brushes.
 When I paint – I at least – I can’t make a rational decision, the subject always decides, the brush decides.
 Painting the island catapulted me into it, sucked into it by extremely dark tones and blinding lights that contrast with red, red, red was never red enough.  But today is before I suck the brush again I have to show it to you otherwise it will never end.
 I want to find an impressive frame for this painting that will be framed after drying which, as you know, is a long thing for oil.
 For those unfamiliar with the original painting, I invite you to do a research.